Gavi: How do you bring customers back to the store?

By supporting Gavi, the Foundation wishes to make faster access to vaccines for developing countries and to support research in order to find effective, affordable and sustainable health solutions for these countries. It's a way of taking into account the months spent in her mother's womb. Thus, a child who is born in December, turns 2 the following month. Since Wednesday, it is therefore a whole people (more than 51 million inhabitants) who have therefore rejuvenated by a year or two years. However, the South Korean player of Tottenham took a youthful look between Wednesday June 28 and Thursday June 29, 2023. While he was 31 years old, Son Heung-min only has 30 this Thursday. After a law on changing age calculation came into force in South Korea on Wednesday, jersey ronaldo Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Kim Min-jae (Naples) lost a year. Some have therefore "lost" a year, including Son Heung-min (born July 8, 1992) or Kim Min-jae (born November 15, 1996), the defender of Naples. Thus, the international defender Kim Min-jae, born on November 15, 1996, is now 26 years old, against 27 with the old law.

Born on November 15, 1996, he is now 26 years old, instead of 27 on his country's side. The Tottenham player went from 31 to 30 in less than 24 hours. In his country, Tottenham star striker Son Heung-min, born on July 8, 1992, was 31 years old. This Wednesday, Tottenham striker Son Heung-min looked a year younger without taking any administrative steps, due to the enactment of a new law. Since Wednesday, the South Koreans have stuck to international laws. Since Wednesday, the Koreans have all looked one or two years younger. Tracked by PSG, the Mallorcan player Lee Kang-in will not undergo any change in his age, since he was born on February 19, 2001 and was therefore already 22 years old. Another specificity of the Korean system, the birthday is celebrated on January 1 and not on the day of birth. Intended to sanctify gestation, this system was in force in many Asian countries such as China, Japan or North Korea but had been abandoned.

The government has indeed decided to change its system for calculating the age of its inhabitants, which took into account the gestation of the baby before delivery. The Manchester United centre-back is awaiting the final details of his transfer to West Ham, but it's only a matter of hours before the huge Harry Maguire signs for the Hammes. Shows sold out within minutes, and many tickets appeared, at much higher prices, on resale sites such as StubHub within an hour of going on sale. Crowned with a second star acquired with the France team, Kylian Mbappé misses the preparation, the Champions Trophy won by his teammates against AS Monaco as well as the first day of the championship. The white wines are of a slightly greenish straw yellow color, moderately alcoholic. But this will have little impact on their sporting career, since the Premier League, for example, already took the date of birth into account when calculating the age of players. The English championship takes into account his date of birth to determine his age. Thus, Son Heung-min, born on July 8, 1992, was 31 years old. The international is therefore 30 years old again!

Luis Suárez again scored four goals and took the lead in the scoring and European Golden Boot rankings (34 goals). Top French scorer on an edition: Michel Platini in 1984, 9 goals. On the 20th, Barça crushes Deportivo La Corogne 8 goals to 0 (34th day of the championship). This is Barca's 20th unbeaten game in all competitions, the best streak since Luis Enrique's arrival at Barca. Moussa Sissoko is not certain to be part of the starting lineup but an encouraging sign, he has participated in the last four league games (1 start and 3 appearances), distilling his first two assists against Swansea and Burnley and achieving his best performance of the season against Hull (3-0). He also didn't help himself by elbowing a Bournemouth player on October 22, punishable by a three-match suspension. Once again, the leaders of Lech receive numerous transfer offers for their striker at the end of the season. But, recently, a new law changed all that. In addition to Son Heung-min, this change in South Korean law affects the entire population, and therefore other footballers in this country.

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