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Ronaldo (1998 and 2002), Diego Maradona (1986 and 1990), Luka Modrić (2018 and 2022) and Lionel Messi (2014 and 2022) are the only players to have been ranked among the top three World Cup players twice (Messi being the only one to be named the best player twice). Golden boot with a different club: Mário Jardel (FC Porto and Sporting Portugal), Diego Forlán (Villarreal CF and Atlético Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United and Real Madrid CF), Luis Suárez (Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona). ↑ "Golden Ball. ↑ Renuka Pechetti, Seth Anil, Michele Cappellari, Richard McDermid, Mark den Brok, Steffen Mieske and Jay Strader, "Detection of Enhanced Central Mass-to-light Ratios in Low-mass Early-type Galaxies: Evidence for Black Holes? », The Astrophysical Journal, vol. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, a small Roman theater was buried several times under the lawns. Partially respecting the plan of the ancient sanctuary around the founding spring of the city, Jacques Philippe Mareschal and Gabriel Dardailhon designed, under the influence of Le Nôtre, a French garden where many Mediterranean plant species are currently gathered.

Forest Dreams X PaperCut design illustration Many architects who worked under the Second Empire, and some of whom built monuments that burned down, continued their careers under the nascent Third Republic: Théodore Ballu, Gabriel Davioud, Paul Abadie, Hector-Martin Lefuel… From the same period date the various additions of stone and brick buildings with courtyards protected by cast iron porticoes, typical of architecture under the Third Republic. The town of Nîmes, very large in area, has, according to an estimate, more than 1500 capitelles, dry stone huts, witnesses of the local rural vernacular architecture. The Bois des Espeisses is a vast area of ​​82 hectares of scrubland located on a hill north of Nîmes. The arched viaduct which serves the current station of Nîmes is 2 km long. If the station has the particularity of being established on the first floor and the line of passing on a viaduct overhanging the city, it is quite simply because the engineers of the time took into account the risks of damming that would constitute a "track classic on embankments" and the dam that the latter would constitute in the event of flooding of the city… electrification of the line.

Free vector professional gg logotype templateThe ideal would of course be the total reopening of all the arcades in order to reduce the very unsightly cut that this "blocked bridge" generates and with the aim of reunifying the city center with the often forgotten districts called "behind the station ". To the south, the start of the very wide avenue Feuchères (60 m × 300 m) lined with monumental facades such as the prefecture, the former "Hôtel Silhol" (current administrative court) or the former Hôtel des Postes (former "hôtel Bézar”) in the direction of the large central station, give the site a particularly monumental aspect. The Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade is a major square in the city center, halfway between the station and the arenas. Her fado is characterized by a great lyrical richness and by the fact that she sings texts by contemporary writers such as António Lobo Antunes. Its assignment as a theater was short-lived, since from the beginning of the 20th century the Paris-Nîmes store took up residence there, then it was the Ladies of France who settled there, until the 1980s. settled there for a short time, then the building was assigned to the Rakan, an artists' association. In an eclectic style, very fashionable during the second half of the 19th century, the facade is reminiscent of the architecture of other monuments intended for theater and opera, such as the Opéra Comédie de Montpellier or even the Palais Garnier, from Paris, in a much more modest way.

The monumental female figure represents the city of Nîmes (one of the very first allegorical representations of this type in France) crowned with the arenas and colonnades of the Maison Carrée, those of the courthouse and the old theatre. Note that this is the only place in Nîmes where there is a road name plate written in Occitan (Plan dau mercat). Nîmes has an important railway architecture. Its architecture and decorations are typical of the end of the 19th century, with an impressive skylight. The military architecture of Nîmes is mainly represented by the old fort called "Vauban", dating from the end of the 17th century. Civil architecture from the beginning of the 20th century is poorly represented in Nîmes. The building now houses the majority of the scientific part of the University of Nîmes (Carmes site). The building is now the main site of the University of Nîmes. It is surrounded by figures symbolizing the important waterways for the city; the Gardon, the Rhône, the fountain of Eure (source of Uzès, starting point of the old Roman aqueduct) and the fountain of Nîmes. Constructions were added to the building in the 1920s to serve as a new hospital in Nîmes (former Gaston-Doumergue hospital) during its final move from the former Ruffi hospital in 1937. It suffered serious damage during the bombardment. ally of May 27, 1944 (55 victims) which targeted the neighboring military barracks.

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