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Jacques Rogge receives this prize for his work at the head of the IOC. The LFP Prize is an official award given by the Professional Football League. At the end of the season, the top four finishers qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The Champions League returns on February 18 with the Round of 16 first leg against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. Neymar, who appears on the podium for the first time at 23, is the outsider of the top three, although he too has had an impressive season with a five-tup at club level and decisive goals in the quarter-finals, semi-final and final of the Champions League. He keeps the club in Ligue 1 at the end of the 2017-2018 season. The following season, his comments after the match against Paris Saint-Germain in January 2019 caused controversy. On July 13, 2011, Leonardo was officially appointed "general manager" or sports director of Paris Saint-Germain by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, representative of the new owners of the club. After two seasons in Hungary, she was recruited by Växjö DFF in Sweden.

The risk of transporting hazardous materials in the municipality is linked to its crossing by major road or rail infrastructures or the presence of a hydrocarbon transport pipeline. During the Renaissance it was one of the most valued antiquities among Veronese antiquities, also thanks to the presence of the signature of a Vitruvius, which recalls the famous Roman architect author of the treatise De architectura. On April 27 (33rd day of the league), Barcelona drew 2-2 (goals from Messi and Alexis) against Athletic on their last trip to one of the most legendary stadiums in Spanish football: the Stade de San Mamés in Bilbao which after a century of history will be demolished at the end of the season. Its park, at the top of the hill, housed the first reception house for single mothers at the beginning of the 20th century. Castro do Vieito is an indigenous settlement (locally referred to as castro) from the end of the 1st century BC. J.-C./beginning of the 1st century, contemporary with the beginning of the occupation of the region by the Romans. The coalition ends up winning 0.05% of the vote. The Gabonese do not let themselves be defeated and get an opportunity through Jerry Obiang who shoots on the crossbar.

It is here that a magnificent statue-menhir was found, now on display at the archaeological museum. It was there that the Lecques quarry was located, in which Protestants celebrated worship in the days of the Desert. It is towards this district that the Protestants met at the time of the desert. La Placette: historically, a working-class Protestant district, the “Placette” is today the district where sedentary Gypsies, shopkeepers and bowlers live. A dandelion is a vine pruned longer. Pissevin: the term comes from viticulture. The term comes from the sandstone nature of the terrain. An accident occurring on such infrastructures is in fact likely to have serious effects on buildings or people up to 350 m away, depending on the nature of the material transported. Shrinkage-swelling of clay soils is likely to cause significant damage to buildings in the event of alternating periods of drought and rain. Construction standards were strict for private mansions and buildings (minimum height, ironwork grilles if buildings are set back, etc.) in order to assert the elegance of the district. Of the 23,261 buildings counted in the municipality in 2019, 18,120 are at medium or high risk, i.e. 78%, compared to 90% at the departmental level and 54% at the national level.

72.2% of the municipal area is in medium or high hazard (67.5% at the departmental level and 48.5% at the national level). The neighborhood has a high unemployment rate (around 25%). Serre Paradis: this district culminates at 106 meters. Montaury: it is one of the seven hills of Nîmes, it culminates at 105 meters. Puech du Teil: this peak culminating at 98 meters is located west of the city between avenue Jean-Jaurès and the ZUP. It is in particular here that the ZUP was built from the mid-1960s (area to be urbanized as a priority), built by the architect Xavier Arsène-Henry, characterized by concrete towers which house approximately 9,600 inhabitants ( the unemployment rate is 25% and nearly 70% of the population lives below the poverty line). There remains the Gardon but a number of the towers have been demolished and the city has redeveloped the district where almost 6,000 inhabitants live (the unemployment rate is 37% and nearly 70% of the population lives below the poverty line ). Concerning the Rhôny, the main floods recorded in Codognan took place in 1845, 1907, 1933, 1938, 1945, 1958, 1963, 1976, 1977, 1987 and especially in October 1988 without forgetting October 2014 and September 2021. That of 1988 is the most important and significant for the population of Nîmes.

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