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Barcelona then beat Celta Vigo 3-0 (including two goals from Neymar) on March 26 at Camp Nou (30th day of the league). In the absence of Messi, both Neymar and Fàbregas assume their responsibilities and deliver a very good game. The first half lacked chances for the London team (apart from a volley from Lucas Moura at the start of the match) and the Germans dominated (4 shots on target in the first 45 minutes), even failing to open the scoring at the 45th minute on a header from Dan-Axel Zagadou slammed by Hugo Lloris. In the 2014 European elections, the National Front came out on top in the city. 4 have the city of Nîmes as their central office. At the end of his mandate in 1995, with a debt of 2.4 billion francs, Nîmes ranked among the ten most indebted French cities and was almost put under prefectural supervision. Catholics, close to the royalists, and Protestants, close to revolutionary ideas, fought, from June 13 to 16, 1790, lionel messi jersey in deadly battles referred to as the “battle of Nîmes”. Under the bombs, the cathedral is completely destroyed. This was truly acquired in 1789 with the French Revolution and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, one of the authors of which, Rabaut-Saint-Étienne, was an anticlerical pastor from Nîmes (he was notably the author of the article guaranteeing freedom of worship).

The former cantons of Nîmes-5 and Nîmes-6 are integrated into the new division of Nîmes while the part of the municipality located in the former canton of La Vistrenque is integrated into the canton of Saint-Gilles. The Nîmes also have five private high schools and colleges: Emmanuel-d'Alzon Institute, Saint-Stanislas, Valsainte school and college, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Saint-Jean-Baptiste-de-La-Salle and the private member of the CCI of Nîmes. There are four public vocational high schools: Jules-Raimu, Gaston-Darboux, Frédéric-Mistral, and the Voltaire high school with a hotel vocation (formerly L'Étincelle), to which must be added the Marie-Durand agricultural high school in Rodilhan (training general and in the field of agriculture, environment and landscaping). The department manages 12 colleges (Antoine-Bigot, Capouchiné, Condorcet, Diderot, Feuchères, Jean-Rostand, Mont-Duplan, Les Oliviers, Révolution, Romain-Rolland, Jules-Vallès and Jules-Verne) and the region five high schools in Nîmes : Alphonse-Daudet, Philippe-Lamour and Albert-Camus (ex-Montaury), general and technological education establishments, Ernest-Hemingway (ex-Camargue), comprehensive education establishment and Dhuoda high school, technological education establishment. In terms of population, Nîmes was until 2016 the second city of the former Languedoc-Roussillon region and has since been the third in the current Occitanie region. The city hosted, within the technological incubator of the School of Mines of Alès (Innov'up) on the site of Georges-Besse, the project of vigilance of the beekeeping sector in Europe Apisystems.

The Nîmes Métropole urban community, which has comprised 27 municipalities since 2009, has a total of 230,000 inhabitants according to its official website. Over the years, Nîmes has become a real university town around the sites of Vauban, the Carmes and the future "Hoche-Gaston Doumergue" site, where 10,000 to 12,000 students are planned by 2015. Behind the loyalty of young people to Nîmes, the avowed objective was to obtain the creation of a true full-fledged university there, which was obtained in 2006, for the start of the 2007 academic year. Since then, higher education in Nîmes has tended to develop rapidly, given strong political will (of all persuasions) and growing demand from a growing local population. The current municipal council of the city of Nîmes is presented in the table below. The table below presents the list. Main article: List of mayors of Nîmes. Since 1945, six mayors have succeeded each other in Nîmes. This situation weighs on local taxation, Nîmes ranking in the list of cities where property and housing taxes are the highest. In 1533 it gave a magnificent welcome to King Francis I and merited the establishment of its university by letters patent dated May 1539. Very quickly, Nîmes became one of the most active centers of Calvinism and disagreements between Catholics and Protestants were common, sharing power either consensually or forcefully and violently.

He started his first match as a starter on October 31, 2018, in a 2018-2019 Copa del Rey match against UD Melilla. It is logical that in 1702, following the assassination of the abbot of Chayla, began the war of the Cévennes, also called war of the Camisards, where simple peasants and bourgeois, fanatics, fought against the dragons of the King. If the Edict of Nantes brought relative tranquility, its revocation in October 1685, following violent pressure from the Reformed, was followed by restrictions against Protestants. The equivalent of the current territory of the Gard was affected by this conflict and Nîmes saw the reproduction, on April 1, 1703, of the killings of Protestants against Catholics and vice versa, such as that of the massacre of the Agau mill where the Catholic troops of Marshal de Montrevel engaged in repressions against Protestants. On September 29, 1567, Saint Michael's Day, the Michelade took place in which Protestants murdered nearly 90 Catholic clerics.

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